Banking products like home loans and savings accounts are complex and it can be difficult for your customers to find out which products are best for them. Making calculators available on your website or within online portals allows customers to have a basic understanding of their financial situation before they contact you.

Adding our Equate calculators to your website is a fast and simple way to:

  • Generate leads – drive enquiries through your website and create a pipeline of engaged prospects
  • Inform customers – educate website users about your product options and how much they can borrow
  • Increase website engagement – make your website more interactive and keep visitors on-site longer

Why Equate?

We think you will find these Equate features helpful:

Quick deployment

Kick-start sales by getting your calculator live in minutes

Regular updates

We keep the calculators up to date with legislation changes

Branding options

Choose your colours so the calculator fits seamlessly in your website

Custom options

If you don’t find what you need with our off the shelf calculators, please let us know as we’re experienced at building bespoke solutions. A custom calculator would be ideal if you’re offering a unique product which the market may not be familiar with or if you’re considering launching an app. Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.