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Man with tablet. PoliceBank logo

New comparison rate calculator for Police Bank to internally calculate their comparison rates

Police Bank came to GBST with one key objective: to make it more efficient to produce comparison rates for their loan products.

Police Bank were operating with manual processes to produce comparison rates, which was not sustainable long term, due to the changing nature of interest rates.

GBST and Police Bank partnered to build a comparison rate calculator. This project was completed in four phases: build of calculator prototype, actuary sign off, build of calculation engine and build of user interface.

The outcome? Police Bank and their internal staff can access a compliant and modern tool that can quickly generate the comparison rate for their loan products.

Loan calculator in a mobile and tablet. Kiwibank logo

Home loan calculators using natural language inputs to engage

Kiwibank partnered with GBST to build five home loan calculators, using its Equate technology platform with user experience and design created by Wellington based digital design agency DNA.

The key difference with these calculators is the use of natural language inputs. Kiwibank recognised their calculators were one of the most popular pages on their website but research showed that people were getting overwhelmed on the home loan journey and not knowing where to start.

The calculators walk first home buyers through the home loan process and introduce concepts people may not be familiar with. They’re a great place to start and complement Kiwibank’s customer service.

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Tablet with calculator. Hejaz Financial Services logo

Lending and wealth tools customised to fit the financial needs of the Islamic community

We were fortunate to work with Australia’s leading Islamic and ethically approved financial provider, Hejaz Financial Services. Hejaz chose our Equate product to help it’s clients better understand their financial situation. Hejaz implemented calculators for insurance needs, extra repayments, offset, borrowing power, retirement adequacy, savings plans, stamp duty, insurance adequacy, and a rent vs buy comparison.

We also provided Hejaz with our Equate content management solution (CMS) so they can easily configure and update field labels, rates and content in the calculators. As there are different financial terms for the Islamic community, this was a really important feature for them.

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Mobile with calculator. Innovation Credit Union icon

A suite of 25 online calculators for one of Canada’s largest credit unions

Innovation Credit Union (ICU) use our off the shelf lending and wealth calculators, which have been configured and branded to fit seamlessly into their new website, helping to build client engagement, generate qualified, sales-ready enquiries, and increase conversions.

The calculators will enable the credit union’s customers to make informed financial decisions by helping them to understand how much they can afford to pay for a property, by estimating their monthly loan repayments, seeing how much interest they will receive from regular and tax-free savings accounts, and knowing whether they are on track to meet education and retirement savings plans.

The calculators can handle foreign currencies, be easily customised to meet specific needs, and support clients’ members via an exceptional digital experience.

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Calculator in tablet and mobile device. Catalyst logo

A suite of 9 online financial calculators for multi-award-winning brokerage in Australia

Sydney-based Catalyst Advisers has chosen GBST as its technology partner to provide nine online calculators. This adds another multi-award-winning advisory business to GBST’s growing Australian client base.

The tools have been customised with Catalyst Advisers’ branding and integrated into the company’s website for an improved digital experience. These modern calculators will help Catalyst Advisers’ customers with a wide range of financial decisions, from comparing loans and better understanding repayments to calculating borrowing power and working out the loan costs of an investment property

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Calculator displayed on laptop. Judobank logo

Award winning Term Deposit Comparison Calculator

Judo Bank partnered with GBST to improve online customer engagement and drive new applications with an interactive comparison calculator. The calculator compares their term deposit product with other providers, showing potential customers how much more they can earn with Judo Bank.

Judo Bank are the first financial provider in the term deposit market to offer a calculator that compares other institution’s interest rates and calculates the difference in interest earned.

The interactive, mobile responsive tool is built on GBST’s Equate calculation engine and integrates with Mozo’s Marketview API to compare term deposit products from other financial institutions.

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Calculator displayed on laptop. Canstar logo

Retirement Journey Calculator

Canstar partnered with GBST to build the retirement journey calculator that focuses on educating customers about retirement planning. The calculator allows you to select a retirement lifestyle, compare it with your current situation, show your progress from your desired retirement goal and the effect of adding additional contributions.

GBST implemented friendly illustrations and animations to the UI to help make the topic of retirement more engaging and relatable to a wider demographic.

This unique and creative tool is built on GBST's Equate calculation engine and integrates seamlessly on Canstar's website.

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Calculator displayed on tablet. ANZ logo

Insurance Fees Calculator

We were approached by the Wealth Management division of ANZ Australia to develop a calculator illustrating how insurance fees would be changing for members from the 1st of July 2020. They required a calculator to be in production on their servers by April to meet regulatory requirements.

In just a week we had: developed a spreadsheet prototype for the calculator, built the UI and calculation engine for the tool, developed a UI design for the display of results, set up automated testing between the tool and spreadsheet to validate results, performed internal QA, transformed and imported the client-supplied data, and provided the client with their UAT environment. All whilst still adjusting to our new working from home arrangements due to COVID-19.

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Calculator displayed on laptop. ANZ logo

KiwiSaver Account Calculator

ANZ New Zealand asked GBST to build a calculator that will allow their customers to determine how much money they would need for the retirement lifestyle they wanted. KiwiSaver’s Account Calculator helps you to work out whether you’re on track to achieving your retirement savings goals.

By inputting details around your current superannuation position and desired retirement goal, it gives you your expected result at retirement and whether you will have a contributions surplus or gap based on your desired retirement goal.

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Calculator displayed on tablet. Athena logo

Athena's Refinancing Calculator

GBST and Athena teams took an iterative approach to deliver a unique tool combining eight of our calculator engines.

The custom calculator allows users to experiment with home loan hypotheticals and integrates Athena’s Home Loan Hacks; customers can see how extra repayments, repayment frequency and loan terms impact their mortgage and how much they could save by switching to an Athena home loan.

Customers who use the calculator before they apply are 2.5 times more likely to sign up as an Athena customer than an applicant who hasn’t run their numbers.

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Calculator displayed in a laptop. Loan Market logo

Loan Market’s White-labelled calculator solution

Award-winning aggregator, Loan Market, selected Equate to provide a suite of lending calculators to its network of more than 1500 mortgage brokerages across Australia and New Zealand. In under two months, we built and implemented 21 calculators and 12 application programming interfaces (APIs) for one of the largest and fastest-growing brokerages in Australasia.

Loan Market connects with over 60 lenders and thousands of loan products to help brokers find the most suitable deal for their customers. The company supports a network of over 650 independent brokers, with a further 850 brokers trading under their own brand, facilitated through its Bring Your Own Brand (BYOB) program. To assist the BYOB program, we developed a solution to enable the provision of white-labelled calculators for Loan Market’s brokers that can be included in its content management system (CMS) to configure each of the brokerage’s websites

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Laptop with coffee and a mobile displaying calculator. NAB logo

NAB EL Advisors increase customer engagement through client portfolio modelling

We partnered with NAB Equity Lending to build a ‘What If’ modelling tool which provides useful illustrations for NAB Equity Lending advisors and clients to model client portfolio options.

Designing a tool that can compare complex scenarios seamlessly through a user-friendly interface, that can be used with customers face to face and in remote co-browsing sessions, is how you increase client engagement and bring to life the effect certain decisions have on a future financial position.

Advisors can discuss future financial positions with their clients in-person or build the new portfolio and download and save it as a pdf. There is also a public version of the ‘What If’ tool so engagement can be two ways between client and advisor.

In addition, the tool can show prospective clients their future position if they were a NAB Equity Lending client to increase leads and convert new clients.

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