Hosted in the cloud

Your calculators will be hosted in the cloud on our Amazon Web Services platform. It’s highly secure and reliable, giving you peace of mind and continuity of service. Amazon’s localised content delivery also means your calculators will load quickly, no matter where in the world your website users are accessing it.


Your calculators will work perfectly on phones and tablets. Buttons and input controls are large enough to be easily touched, results are instantly displayed or just a tap away, and superior user experience (instead of mouse hover actions) point your users in the right direction.

Accessible for all

Your calculators will be accessible for all website users, including those with disabilities, as we’ve built in features such as the ability to zoom, keyboard functionality and compatibility with assistive technologies. The calculators are conformant to Level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing compliance. 

Built on HTML5

No need to bother with plug-ins or pop-ups to use your calculators. We’ve built our tools in HTML5 as it delivers everything you want to do online without additional plugins, including powerful applications and elegant animations. 

Ready for analytics

You’ll need to know how your calculators are performing, so they easily connect to a wide range of popular tags and tracking technologies, like Google Analytics. This will give you insights into your customer's financial choices, helping you to develop more targeted products and understand what your customers are looking for before they speak to you.

Secure and private

Your calculator users are your business, so we don’t store any data from them. Once a calculator has loaded, no other information is passed back to our servers, and all inputs and calculations are processed on the user’s computer or device. So rest assured that we’re doing the right thing when it comes to privacy and your organisation’s reputation is in safe hands. 


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