Hosted in AWS

Your calculators will be hosted on our Amazon Web Services platform with a multi-AZ set up. It’s highly secure and reliable, giving you peace of mind and continuity of service. Amazon’s localised content delivery also means your calculators will load quickly, no matter where in the world your users are.

Secure & private

No personal identifiable information (PII) is stored. Once a calculator has loaded, no other information is passed back to our servers. We run regular vulnerability scans and can provide reports to clients on vulnerabilities found and remedies applied.

Accessible for all

Your calculators will be accessible for all website users, as we’ve built in features such as the ability to zoom, keyboard functionality and compatibility with assistive technologies. The calculators are conformant to Level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing compliance. 

Built on latest technologies 

 Built on JavaScript and our in-house React-based GEL framework, it guarantees faster development, a consistent user interface, and thoroughly tested performance, providing you with a cutting-edge solution that meets your business needs efficiently and effectively.

Analytics & event tracking

Measure the results of your calculators by connecting to your tracking platforms. We can connect to platforms such as Google Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager. We can deploy event tags if you want to track specific events in the calculator such as the call to action button to track conversions. 

Browser compatibility & responsiveness 

We take a mobile first design and all calculators are responsive across mobiles devices and tablets. They are supported by all major browsers for example, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.


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