Our tools are built in JavaScript and are hosted in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

All calculations are processed on the user's device and we do not store any data entered into the calculator, ensuring your user's data remains secure.  

For more information see our technology page or get in touch

Yes! Our calculators have been designed to work on all screen sizes and automatically resize with our resizing library within the iframe. 

By default, the calculators do not track usage, however they can easily be connected to a wide range of popular tagging and tracking technologies, like Google Analytics. This will give you insights into your customer's financial choices, helping you to develop more targeted products and understand what your customers are looking for before they speak to you.

Yes! Our calculators will work seemlessly on mobile and tablet devices. They are responsive and will adapt to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. The buttons and inputs are designed to be easily used on touch screen devices. 

Yes you can! Please get in touch and we will arrange a demo of the calculators for you. 

Of course we can! If you are after a custom calculator we can design and build a calculator built especially for you. You can start from one of our existing calculators or provide your own requirements for us to build from. 

Yes, each calculator has an accompanying API you may licence.

Yes, the calculators are conformant to Level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing compliance. 

Set up and configuration

As part of your set up and configuration we will set up your calculators with your branding and corporate colours. Your logo is not included as default. If you would like to include your logo, please let us know at time of set up.

Yes! As part of your set up and configuration we will set up your calculators with your branding and corporate colours. You can choose a primary and secondary colour.

Yes. You can change the field name and labels in the calculators. Changing the field names and labels at set up is included in your licence. Changes after the initial set up may incur an additional cost. We will discuss the impact of these changes if/when requested. 

Yes, the fields are customisable. If you want to add/remove fields or change their functionality, this may be a calculator customisation however, we will discuss your requirements with you when we setup and configure your calculators. 

Yes, the default values on the calculators are configurable. Please let us know what default values you would like us to change upon set up and configuration. Alternatively, we can provide you access to a CMS to edit the values in the calculator yourself.

Yes, the ranges on the calculators are customisable. Please let us know what ranges you would like us to change upon set up and configuration. Alternatively, we can provide you access to a CMS to edit the ranges in the calculator yourself.

The call to action button on the calculator is customisable. You can change both the link and wording of the call to action button. Please let us know if you would like to change this when we configure and set up your calculators. 


The calculators are hosted on our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. It’s highly secure and reliable, giving you peace of mind and continuity of service. Amazon’s localised content delivery also means your calculators will load quickly, no matter where in the world your website users are accessing it.

We'll deliver your calculator via a small piece of HTML embed code. It’s an iframe code, which is a popular way to embed interactive elements into a website page. All you need to do is copy and paste the snippet into your CMS backend or HTML page. For more information see our information on setting up the calculators.

Yes, the option exists for you to self-host the calculators, however it is a non-standard approach and additional fees may apply. If you require this, please get in touch to discuss this option. 

Yes, our calculators are compatible with any content management system including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Sprout, Sitecore. If you have any questions around integrating your calculators, please feel free to get in touch.

Support and maintenance

Each calculator undergoes a scheduled review to ensure the calculations, fields and display of results are still relevant. 

Legislative updates are made to the calculators when changes to legislation come into effect, typically at the end of the financial year.

Yes, we monitor the market and make updates to the calculators when required, such as stamp duty changes and income tax updates. These changes are deployed automatically to your calculators, so you have one less thing to worry about.

If you are experiencing any issues with your calculator, please contact us and a member of the Equate team will be in touch. We aim to respond to enquiries within one business day.


No, we do not store or capture any PII in the calculators.

Yes, AWS hosting provides robust security measures to ensure the protection of your data and applications.

Yes, we perform regular vulnerability scans on the calculators and remedy any vulnerabilities found as part of your licence.


There is a one off set up and hosting fee which is paid upon set up as well as an ongoing annual licence fee. If you would like to bundle three or more calculators we offer bundled discounts. Please speak with us for pricing information.

Unfortunately, as the calculators are GBST IP, you are not able to purchase the calculators outright and they must be purchased on a licenced model.

The calculators are licenced on a three year term. 

Yes, we offer bundled discounts if you select multiple suites. Please speak with us for pricing information.

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